Social Media Tourism Development

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We secured four of the major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok. If you have any of these platforms, please follow or like our pages/accounts.

Our goal is to promote tourism in the RM of Ritchot, as well as promote local businesses and events.


The username for all our platforms is RitchotCDC - this was done on purpose for branding purposes, and it makes it a lot easier for followers to find us, and tag us on whatever platform they are using. We strongly encourage positive interaction with our social media accounts. Whether it would be asking a question or commenting on a post, tagging us in a picture or sharing our posts... We will do our best to respond in a timely fashion.


We will also be using the hashtags #CDCRitchot (Fr) and #RitchotCDC (Eng) in our posts for quick accessibility. If you are posting something on your personal platforms, we encourage the use of these hashtags.


We also have a "link.tree" (a web link) that is currently updated, found in our social media bios. This allows us to have multiple links to events and websites across our communities. You'll also notice the social media icons at the top of the link tree page, these are links to our social media accounts. The email icon is also active for easy connectivity with our committee. Shoot us an email! 


If there is something going on in your community that pertains to tourism, please email the details to or connect with us on social media, and we will review it and post it.