Program Cancellation Policies

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For the safety of fellow participants and instructors we are requiring all participants over the age of 10yrs wear a mask while participating in our programs unless otherwise indicated.   We also ask that prior to attending our programs you complete the COVID-19 screening tool

General Cancellation Policy

All classes are subject to cancellation if there is insufficient registration.  Ritchot Recreation will notify you as soon as a decision has been made.

Rescheduled Program/Inclement Weather

Every attempt will be made to reschedule classes that are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather, facility or instructor conflict.  In the event that the rescheduled class does not suit the program participant, a refund will be provided for the class(es) missed.  When Schools are closed due to inclement weather, any Ritchot Recreation programs taking place within those schools will be cancelled.  If you are unsure whether your program has been cancelled, please contact the Ritchot Rec office at or (204)803-6115.

Refund Policy

Ritchot Recreation offers a satisfaction guarantee policy for programs. In the event that a customer is not satisfied, you will be asked to share the reason for your refund request. Ritchot Rec reserves the right to limit use of this policy by an individual on a case by case basis after thorough review of circumstances and/or history.

  • Refunds may be requested by telephone, correspondence or email
  • Refund cheques will be issued within 30 days of the request.
  • Refunds will not be issued for amounts less than $10.
  • Full refunds will be issued for any multi class program lasting 10 weeks or less, upon notification by the participant or parent/guardian after completion of the first class and prior to the start of the second class. Full refunds will also be issued for any class that is canceled by Ritchot Recreation.
  • Partial refunds will be issued for any multi class program lasting more than 10 weeks, upon notification by the participant or parent/guardian and will pro-rated based on the number of classes remaining.


Withdrawal Policy

If the course has not yet started and you wish to withdraw from the program you have registered for, please let us know in advance of the program deadline.  Withdrawals are subject to processing fees if paid by credit card the fee is 2.75% of total program cost and eCheck is 1.0% of total program cost.

Insufficient Funds

If a participant is paying by echeck and the check does not clear, all processing fees and NSF fees will be the responsibility of the account owner and will be invoiced via Amilia account.


COVID-19 Cancellation & Refund Policy

The following policy outlines the regulations and circumstances for cancellations and refunds for Ritchot Recreation programming as they pertain to COVID-19. In an abundance of caution during this global health crisis extra measures to promote the health and safety of all will be implemented.

Regarding the Participant

  • In the case of illness symptoms presenting, participants are advised to remain absent from the activity and contact Ritchot Recreation for a refund. This applies regardless of whether or not the symptoms are confirmed to be COVID-19 based.
  • If the activity is a multi-week activity, refunds will be issued on a pro-rated basis. For example: If a class is to run every Monday for 6 weeks, and on the day before the second class a participant develops a fever, that participant should not attend the class. The participant can contact Ritchot Recreation and receive a refund equivalent to 1/6th the registration fee. If the illness symptoms match known COVID-19 symptoms, the participant is welcome to return to the planned classes after receiving a negative COVID-19 test.
  • If the activity is a single day activity, refunds will be issued in full for cancellations due to illness regardless of the time in advance the cancellation is made, including day of. Refunds however, will not be issued for partial day non-participation if the participant decides to withdraw part way through the single day.

Regarding a Confirmed Outbreak

  • In the case of a positive COVID-19 being received 14 days or less PRIOR to the day of the program starting, Ritchot Recreation should be notified as soon as possible so that a refund may be issued and/ or the participation slot may be re-opened.
  • In the event of a positive COVID-19 test being received within 14 days AFTER participation in a Ritchot Recreation program, all communication regarding exposure will be communicated through Public Health.
  • In the event of that a participant in a Ritchot Recreation program tests positive, the program will be cancelled until public health advises otherwise. Pro-rated refunds will be issued to all participants following a complete cancellation of the program.

Regarding Public Health Restrictions  

  • In the event of provincial or federal regulations restricting the participation in activities, either through reduced gathering sizes to below the program operating threshold or through a mandatory lock-down order, the program will be cancelled by Ritchot Recreation. Should this occur, participants will be notified as soon as possible, and a full refund will be issued.  
  • Should a participant refuse to follow public health guidelines, (attending gatherings when ill, refusing to respect social distancing guidelines, etc.) Ritchot Recreation reserves the right to remove the non-compliant participant from the program, or the remainder of, without refund. Compliance may be determined either by Ritchot Recreation, or the contracted instructor for the activity. 


Regarding the Instructor

  • If the instructor of the program experiences COVID-19 symptoms, confirmed or not, Ritchot Recreation reserves the right to attempt to reschedule the classes to a date after a negative test is acquired.
  • If the registered instructor is unable to participate due to illness, Ritchot Recreation reserves the right to substitute the instructor for a similar or equivalently qualified individual if possible.
  • If the instructor is not able to participate due to illness AND cannot reschedule AND a substitute cannot be located at least 48 hours before the start time of the class, the class will be cancelled by Ritchot Recreation, and a full refund will be issued to all participants.


Regarding the Facility

  • In the event of the planned facility for the program being closed due to COVID-19 related restrictions or sanitization, Ritchot Recreation reserves the right to transfer the class(es) to another equivalent facility within the Municipality of Ritchot. Every attempt will be made to relocate as close to the original location as possible, however extra distance may become necessary if a suitable venue cannot be secured within the township. The program may also be delayed in order to keep the same venue by running the program at a later date.