Building Permit

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When is a Development - Building Application Required?
A permit is required to construct, alter, extend, renovate, develop, locate, repair, occupy, demolish or remove any building or structure or portion thereof.

What documentation is required to acquire a Building Permit for a dwelling?
- A surveyed Site Plan & Staking Certificate;
- One stamped Engineered Plan;
- A driveway permit may be required.

What does the Site Plan have to indicate?
The Site Plan should indicate proposed setbacks from property lines and all existing structures on the site, if any and must conform to the requirements as set out in the RM of Ritchot Zoning By-Law No. 9-2019.

What must be included in the stamped engineered drawings?
- Floor Plans
- Foundation Plans
- Framing Plans
- Roof Plans
- Reflected Ceiling Plans
- Sections and Details
- Building Elevations
- Plumbing Drawings

Where does one call for Inspections?
For Building and Plumbing Inspections, you must call the Building Inspector at 204-803-5005 or 204-883-2293 ext. 3.

When is a Building Permit not required?
- Patching, painting or decorating; replacement of stucco, siding or shingles with the same material;
- Replacement of doors or windows when the opening is not altered;
- Replacement of open landing and stairs when the opening is not altered;
- Construction of fences;
- Installation of cabinets and shelves;
- a detached accessory storage building not greater than 11 square meters (120 sq. ft.);
- Non-structural alterations or repairs where the value of such work is less than $5,000

Is a Driveway Permit required?
An application for a Driveway Permit for properties adjacent to Municipal roads and streets must be obtained through the Municipal office at the time a Building Permit Application is made for the fee of $150.

An application for a Crossing Permit for properties adjacent to PTH 75 or 59 must be obtained by calling:
Manitoba Highways and Transportation

An application for a Crossing Permit for properties adjacent to PR 200, 210, 247, 245, 300, 305 or 311 must be obtained by calling:
Manitoba Highways and Transportation

Is an Electrical Permit required?
A permit must be obtained from the local Manitoba Hydro Office.

Is a permit required for a Well and Septic Field?
Yes. This can be obtained at the Manitoba Environment Office.
Contact the Public Health Inspector/Environment Officer at: Julie Froese 204-945-7104

Is a permit required for a Water and/or Sewer Connection?
There is a cost for Water and/or Sewer Connection Inspections which is added to the Building Permit fee.

Where do I call for a Water and/or Sewer Connection Inspection?
Call the Water and Services Inspector at 201-223-4160 (cell) or 204-882-2141 (Water Treatment Plant).

Where do I obtain a grade for Rural property elevation?
Elavations for flood areas can be obtained by making application to:
Department of Mines, Natural Resources and Environment
Water Resources Branch
Box 13-200 Saulteaux Crescent
Winnipeg, MB R3J 3W3
204-945-2121 - Robert Belton

Where can I apply for a Building Permit?
At the RM of Ritchot Municipal Office located at:
352 Main Street
St. Adolphe, MB R5A 1B9
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Monday to Friday

The Building Permit Application Form can be found at the following link: Building Permit Application

Building Permit Fees:

 Main Building $0.45/sq. ft. or minimum of $100
 Accessory Building $0.45/sq. ft. or minimum of $50
 Re-inspection $100
 Utility Inspection $100
 Foundation $0.45/sq. ft.
 Refundable Damage/Security Deposit
 Major $2,500 / Minor $500

For more information regarding accessory buildings, basement renovations, commercial buildings, deck requirements and wood stoves and fireplaces, visit the Planning and Development folder under Government/Downloads & Documents.