Animal Control

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All residents of the RM of Ritchot are required according to By-Law No. 6-2019 to obtain a dog license for their dog(s).
The license must be renewed as of January 1st of each year.
License applications received each year are as follows:
  • Any breed not neutered or spayed - $20.00 per dog
  • Any breed neutered or spayed - $10.00 per dog

When you come in for your license(s) we require a document of proof of rabies shots and of the dog(s) having been spayed or neutered.
Running at Large
If required to do so, the Animal Control Officer will seize and impound the dog. The dog owner will received a fine of $75.00, plus $15.00 for each additional day the dog has been impounded.
Please note: the municipality requires all dogs over the age of 6 months to be licensed.
Dog Kennel License
If you have more than three dogs you must obtain a kennel license. The license fee for dog kennels, once approved by Council, is $150.00 per year or portion thereof.
Animal Control Centre
If you have concerns regarding stray dogs or are looking for a lost pet please contact the following:
  • RM of Ritchot (to locate your own pet) Please call our office 204-883-2293
  • Animal Welfare Investigator (to report mistreated/abused animals) 204-945-8000
For more information on Licensing Applications or to obtain copies of our Dangerous Dog By-Law 6-2019 or Fees By-Law 1-2019 please visit or call our office at 352 Main Street, St. Adolphe 883-2293.
By-Laws 6-2019 and 1-2019 may also be viewed on our website

Pet Waste

A friendly reminder to all dog owners to please keep our communities clean and pick up your pet waste! 

The Municipality of Ritchot has provided pet waste receptacles along pathways and sidewalks in each of our communities. These receptacles are for pet waste that is picked up while on a walk with your pet. Please do not dispose waste from your personal property in the receptacles as it causes them to fill up unnecessarily.