Ambulance Services

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Responding Ambulance Services
  • St. Adolphe - Oak Bluff and St. Pierre
  • Grande Pointe near the Floodway - Oak Bluff
  • SE area of Ritchot - Ste. Anne and St. Pierre

Responding unit is based off of Provincial dispatch and will send the unit with the shortest response time to the location.
Basic Fees
  • Primary Call (provincial standard fee) $225.00
  • Per loaded km (from time patient is in ambulance until final destination) $2.50/km
  • ALS (Advanced Life Support) $75.00
  • Cancelled Call (rare charge) $100.00

Payment of Bills
  • Municipality does not pay ambulance fees
  • Patient is to pay ambulance fees
  • If patient has Insurance or a Health Plan that covers ambulance fees; their coverage will pay the fees. Ex: Blue Cross


  • SE Region normally sends a copy to both the patient and the Insurance/Health Plan company (if applicable)

Contact Information
  • South Eastman Health- EMS Manager, Scott Noble (204) 346-7028
  • Winnipeg Fire Paramedics - (204) 986-3001