**NEW** Yard Waste and Bulk Waste Pickup

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The RM of Ritchot is pleased to continue 2 new environmental services in 2022:

Curbside Bulk Collection (Saturday May 7th, 2022 & Saturday October 1st, 2022) MAY 7TH HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO JUNE 4, 2022

  • With the implementation of the cart system for household waste, the Municipality realizes that some of the bigger items may not be disposed of as easily as they were in the past.
  • This service will be available to all that currently receive Waste Mgt Services.
  • What will not be picked up?  White Goods (appliances), electronics, tires, dangerous goods, chemicals, burnt materials, large tree trunks or large branches, mattresses.
  • Please have materials out to the curb by 8 a.m. of the collection day.

Yard Waste Collection (bi-weekly Wednesday during Mid-April to Late October) 

  • This program will be available to all urban residents, with less than a 2-acre property.
  • Yard waste can be defined as:  grass clippings, leaves, plants, flowers, bush/shrub clippings, small tree branches (no more than 10 cm or four inches in diameter).
  • Please have materials out to the curb by 7 a.m. of the collection day.

CLICK HERE FOR CALENDAR (Delayed until May 4, 2022)

1. What types of containers can I use to dispose of my yard waste?

  • Paper yard waste bags. You can buy them at many stores.
  • Any reusable container in good condition without a lid (e.g., plastic tubs, old blue boxes, metal or plastic garbage cans).
  • Cardboard boxes. These will be taken away with your yard waste. Please do not put cardboard boxes out in heavy rain - any boxes falling apart will not be collected or cleaned up by collectors.

We will not collect yard waste in plastic bags. Plastic bags do not break down and will ruin the finished compost.

 All yard waste containers should be kept lighter than 22 kg (50 lbs).

2. Can I put my yard waste out for collection in my recycling or garbage cart?

NO.  Yard waste must be put in an eligible container. 

3. What are the advantages of paper yard waste bags?

Paper yard waste bags are all-natural, weatherproof, durable, stay open when filling with yard waste materials and won't puncture easily from twigs.  They are strong and can generally withstand 14 days of sitting outside in any weather, to allow for bi-weekly yard waste collection. After sitting outside, the bags can be collected if the yard waste does not exceed 22 kg (50 lbs).

4. Can I use plastic bags for my yard waste?

No. Yard waste will not be collected in plastic bags. Plastic bags do not break down and will ruin the finished compost. You can use paper yard waste bags, cardboard boxes or hard-walled containers.

5. What can I place beside my yard waste bags or containers?

  • tied bundles of branches
  • bundles must be less than 22 kgs (50 lbs)
  • branches must be less than one metre (39 inches) long and less than 10 cm (four inches) in diameter

6. What won't be accepted in the yard waste program?

  • logs, stumps
  • rocks, dirt, sod
  • flower pots
  • branches more than 10 cm in diameter (four inches)
  • garbage of any kind (including animal waste)
  • painted or treated wood or lumber

7. How can I reduce the number of yard waste bags or containers I put out?

You can mulch or crush dry leaves to make more space in your bags or containers.

You can use it as brown material for composting.  You can grass cycle (mulch) and leave grass clippings on your lawn.

8. Should I continue to use my backyard composter if I have one?

Yes - keep on composting! This collection program is for those residents who aren't recycling their yard waste or have too much to manage through backyard composting. The Municipality has composters available for sale.  Please contact the office for pricing.