Law Enforcement

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Prairie By-Law Enforcement
The R.M. of Ritchot wishes to advise all residents that Prairie By-Law Enforcement Services has been contracted to enforce certain municipal by-laws and pertinent sections of the Manitoba Highway Traffic Act within the Rural Municipality of Ritchot.
This by-law enforcement is designed to improve safety and the quality of life in our municipality.
Other municipalities also use this type of by-law enforcement and it is proving effective in controlling traffic, noise, parking, dog and other by-laws.
The By-Law Enforcement Officers Act is in accordance with provincial statutes. They have the authority to ticket offenders and offenders may by prosecuted through the provincial court system. Prairie By-Law Enforcement Services have uniformed personnel carrying municipal identification with them at all times. They use marked vehicles that resemble standard police cars. These are white cars, with emergency lights on top. They have two narrow longitudinal stripes on the side and are uniquely marked with the Prairie By-Law Enforcement Services emblem and the words "Peace Officer".
Please pay attention to "No Parking" zones and other traffic control signs and make sure your dog is licensed in the municipality. Your cooperation will benefit all residents.
If you have any questions or complaints about by-law enforcement, please call the Municipal Office at 883-2293, or contact your local Councillor.
To contact Prairie By-Law Enforcement about any by-law infractions (noise, dog, traffic, parking, etc.) please call their Dispatch office at 1-204-944-2914.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
RCMP is our primary agency for law enforcement and emergencies.
For non-emergency issues (ex: civil complaints) please contact the office in St. Pierre - Jolys at 1-204-433-7908.
For all emergencies please dial 911.