Rivers West
Rivers West Red River Corridor Association Inc. / L’Association du Corrridor Rivière Rouge (Rivers West) is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in 1999 whose geographical boundaries span from the US/Canada border to Lake Winnipeg.
Rivers West will, in working directly with the Province of Manitoba, all regional levels of government, First Nations and all key stakeholders and citizens, facilitate and encourage a cooperative and integrated Management Approach that will recognize, promote and sustain the cultural heritage values for which the Red River has been designated a Canadian Heritage River, as well as the River’s natural heritage and recreational values.
Executive Director
Rivers West — Red River Corridor Inc.
235–614 Des Meurons Street
Saint–Boniface (MB) R2H 2P9
Ph: (204) 925-2321
Fax: (204) 237-4618