Discover Ritchot
The Rural Municipality of Ritchot is located in south central Manitoba, just 27 kilometres south of Winnipeg. Ritchot has many small communities in its boundaries.
The villages of St. Adolphe, Ste. Agathe, and Ile des Chenes are three of the more prominent communities, with Glenlea, Grande Pointe, and Howden as the other significant communities in Ritchot.
The municipality offices are located in St. Adolphe. Ritchot was officially incorporated as a municipality in 1890.
The municipality owes much of its roots to the early French Canadian settlers. These settlers came first to settle the St. Norbert region south of Winnipeg, before parishes were established. This strong French influence is very much observed by the community names, such as Grande Pointe, and Ile des Chenes.